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Eye drops are used for treating various eye problems. They usually consist of  a sterile (bacteria free) solution of  water, sodium chloride and the medicine for the particular eye condition. The medicines are absorbed through the eye membranes. The dosage of eye drops varies for different eye infections. Some eye drops like clear eyes or visine are used to whiten blood shot eyes. 

To prevent bacterial infection, the dropper or dropper nozzle should not touch your eye, hand or any part of your body. To reduce the risk of  infection, most manufacturers recommend that the eye drops be used for a maximum period of  4 weeks after they are first opened. Some people are allergic to eye drops.

Each eye drop bottle should be used only by one person only, since sharing eye drops could spread the eye infection. Eye drops should be applied only after contact lenses are removed, since the fluid could accumulate in the contact lenses. The eye drop bottle should be stored in a cool, dark place, out of  the reach  of children.

How to use eye drops properly

1. Wash your hands properly with a disinfectant soap

2. Open the bottle and check the dropper nozzle.

3. Pull your lower eyelid down and hold the dropper as close to the eye as possible (without touching it) . Squeeze the dropper, so that the correct number of  eye drops fall into the eye.

4.  Blinking will help to spread the fluid on the surface of  the eye. Close the eye for 2 to 3 minutes. Wipe away any excess fluid using  a tissue paper.

5. Repeat  the above procedure for the other eye if prescribed. Replace the dropper and fix the cap of the bottle. Do not wash the dropper with water.

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