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Eye exercises will keep your eye healthy and minimize eye strain. Though some companies have claimed that by doing eye exercises, you can reduce the power of  eyeglasses or even eliminate them, this has not been proved scientifically. In November 2006, a  US court halted the sales of  the See Clearly Method kits which were a program of  eye exercises.  

The greatest improvement from eye exercises has been seen in persons who suffer from low myopia. There has been slight decrease in the power of  the lenses by about 0.5 diopters. However, since myopia reduces with age sometimes, it cannot  be attributed solely to exercises. Persons below 40 who are unable to read at short distance have accommodative insufficiency, which may be corrected by eye exercises.

Eye exercises should be performed only after removing contact lenses and glasses. Ensure that you do not apply too much pressure while performing these exercises, since you may damage your eyes.  Perform the exercises regularly, if they are to be effective.

Various eye exercises 

1. Eye exercises from the Far east

2. How to exercise your Eyes

3. Eye exercises by Viktor Medvedev from the program "How to Improve Eyesight"

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