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Myopia (also known as shortsightedness or nearsightedness) is a disorder of the eye due to which a person can see nearby objects clearly but distant signs and objects appear slightly blurred. Myopia is a common eye problem and more than one third of  the population in certain Asian countries is affected by it. It is comparatively less prevalent in Africa.

Myopia depends on hereditary factors and lifestyle. Stress and lack of vitamins also can cause myopia. Myopia is more common among people who are highly educated and have spent more time reading books, though not always. It also depends on hereditary factors, diet. Fussy children who do not drink milk may suffer from myopia. Sometimes medication and drugs can cause myopia. The symptoms of myopia often appear first in schoolchildren, who find it difficult to read the blackboard. They may also suffer from mild headaches and eyestrain. After college, most people do not have to read anything from a long distance, so these spectacles are not required .

 In the most common form of  myopia - axial myopia , the length of the convex lens in the eye increases. Instead of forming at image on the retina, the image is formed in front of the retina, which results in a blurred image. Myopia is corrected by using a concave lens, so that light focuses on the retina.

 Myopia is measured in diopters or the optical power of the corrective lens required to focus faraway images on the retina properly. Myopia of  -3 diopters or less is called low myopia and between -3 to -6 diopters is called medium myopia  High myopia is often associated with diseases like glaucoma and the corrective lens has an optical power of more than -6 diopters.

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Spectacles (eye glasses), contact lenses or refractive surgery may be used to correct myopia. For low myopia, the spectacles may only have to be worn while driving or when distant objects have to be seen.

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