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Red eyes or bloodshot eyes are caused by the dilated blood vessels on the surface of the eye. The blood vessels in the transparent outer layer of  the eye, the sclera are inflamed due to many reasons including foreign objects in the eye, eye strain, allergies, conjunctivitis or serious infections like glaucoma.

Eyes may become red when foreign particles like dust and sand enter the eye. They also become inflamed when soap or water enters the eye while taking bath or washing the face. In such cases, it is better to close the eye for some time, till the foreign particle automatically is moved to the corner of  the eye. A moist warm compress placed on the affected eye for 5 minutes  reduces the discomfort caused. This should be done repeatedly

 Using cosmetics like eye shadows or eye liners may cause allergies and irritation in the eye. Eyeliners applied on the lower eyelid are more likely to cause an infection. If  the eyeliner pencil is reused, it may cause a bacterial infection. In such cases, avoid using cosmetics since your health is more important. Eye strain due to computer use for long durations can also cause inflammation of  the eyes.

Red eyes occur often, and are usually not a serious problem. The redness usually disappears in a short time - a few hours to a few days. Avoid touching and rubbing the eye, since it will worsen the infection. Eye drops are available at chemist shops, which provide relief. If the red eye is painful , your eyes are sensitive to light,  you cannot see clearly, or it remains inflamed for more than 2 days, it  is advisable to visit a doctor.  

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